Please see the COVID-19 Clinical Response page for other PPE guidance moving forward that is System and Alert Response level specific (e.g. areas of hospitals)

    P2 Mask IconGlasses IconCoveralls - WhiteGloves

    P2/N95 respirator (staff)

    Eye Protection



    All patient contacts
    • COVID Risk#
    • RAT of Patients
    Driving with patient on board

    If able to wear without impairing safe vision of road

    ✅ Yes

    ❌ No

    Risk assess - If there is a risk of direct exposure from blood or body fluids to uniform or hands, a gown/coverall and gloves will be required.  

    # COVID Risk

    All patients who meet the following:

    • suspected or confirmed COVID-19
    • currently isolating in a quarantine hotel, other designated quarantine facility or residential address (includes asymptomatic individuals)
    • aboard international flights or ships (includes air and maritime crew)
    • a close contact of a confirmed case
    • recent arrival from interstate or international locations
    • has been to an identified exposure site


    Donning and doffing PPE
    1.Hand hygiene
    2.Gown / coverall
    4.Eye protection / Face shield (face shield recommended if high risk of splashes and sprays of blood and body fluids e.g. trauma, haemorrhage)

    Use a buddy check where possible when donning your PPE

    2.Hand hygiene
    3.Gown / coverall
    4.Hand hygiene
    5.Eye protection / Face shield
    6.Hand hygiene
    8.Hand hygiene

    Use a buddy check where possible when doffing your PPE

    Setting up an appropriate area

    The pre-hospital environment is unique and environmental factors (for example strong wind, rain, hot areas) may make donning and doffing in some locations more difficult. Some basic principles apply however to all locations:

    • Position yourself away from high-risk patients and environments
    • Factor in, where possible, environmental factors and position your vehicle as a wind break and find a shaded spot
    • Ensure you have access to:
      • For donning: PPE supply (likely from your PPE Grab Bag)
      • For doffing: Clinical waste bag
      • For both: Alcohol Based Hand Rub (ABHR)

    PPE Buddy Check

    When practicable work with a buddy to help with correct donning and doffing practice.

    Buddy to visually check PPE if fitted corrected:

    • Respirator is covering nose and mouth, head straps not twisted
    • Safety eyewear correctly worn and not fogging up
    • Gown or coverall is fastened
    • Correct size gloves are worn

    Safety is everyone's responsibility - if you see PPE being worn incorrectly speak up to keep each other safe!

    Donning and wearing your respirator

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