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Virtual Emergency Medicine (VEM) is a mechanism to optimise flow of adult non-P1 patients ordinarily destined for the ED by ambulance, through Consultant-led review, including video or tele-consults

Several options may be explored by the VEM team including but not limited to;

  • Specific pathways in the ED to expedite patient transfer of care (e.g. Suspected NOF fractures, chest pain etc.)
  • Admission direct to specialist wards or sites (e.g. Geriatric medicine at Fremantle Hospital)
  • Discharge at scene, through shared decision making - including follow up as arranged by VEM

Comprehensive information is available on Connect that is updated frequently

Clinical Presentation

Whenever practicable, VEM (at participating sites in operating hours) must be notified for;

  • All patients 16 years of age or older, regardless of clinical complaint not being transported as Priority 1 when the service is in operation
  • Interfacility transfers
  • RFDS cases 

Participating ED's:

  • Fiona Stanley Hospital

Operating Hours:

  • 1000 hrs - 1830hrs (7 days / week)
The following patients do not meet the inclusion criteria for Virtual Emergency Medicine
  • Under 16 years
  • Priority 1 to hospital
  • Patient Transport cases
Exclusion Criteria
Exclusion Criteria
Risk Assessment
  • VEM processes should not ordinarily interrupt immediate care needs (e.g. pain relief, ECG acquisition) prior to consult
  • Not all cases that VEM are aware of will result in a video or tele-consult but will usually be clerked and 'pre-triaged' into the hospital system
  • The VEM consultant should not direct medication administration outside of CPG and does not negate any usual requirements to contact ASMA
  • iPad software and App must be up to date
  • Notifications for email and Teams must be enabled to receive alerts
Primary Care
  • Applies to Metropolitan Ambulance personnel only
Intermediate Care (EMT / Level 2)
  • As per Primary Care guidelines
Advanced Care (AP)
  • Assess, manage and prepare / load patient for transport as normal where admission to ED is obvious
  • Send brief notification to VEM as required via this link here
  • An automated acknowledgment will be received
  • A Teams link will only be generated if VEM wish to perform a brief consultation
  • Send 12 Lead ECG's prior to consult if necessary
  • Engage with the VEM team as soon as practicable to determine the patient pathway
Critical & Extended Care (CCP, PSO)
  • As per Advanced Care (AP) guidelines
Additional Information
  • Ambulance Wi-Fi bandwidth may be intermittent
  • More information is available on Connect

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