Weight kg
Lower limit Upper limit
Heart Rate
Respiratory Rate
Systolic Blood Pressure
Diastolic Blood Pressure
Supraglottic Airway (SGA)
Adrenaline for Cardiac Arrest – IV (1:)
Amiodarone for Cardiac Arrest – IV (150mg:3mL)
Subsequent dose:  in
Glucose for Cardiac Arrest – IV (50g:500mL)
Initial dose:  in
Repeat dose:  in
Normal Saline for Cardiac Arrest – IV
Adrenaline for Post ROSC – IV (1:10,000)
Normal Saline for Post ROSC – IV
Ventilation rate for Post ROSC
Adrenaline for anaphylaxis IM (1:1000)
Atropine for organophosphate poisoning IV (1.2mg:12mL)
Atropine for symptomatic bradycardia Paediatric: Critical Care only IV (/mL)
Droperidol for sedation IM / IV  (:2mL)
< 70 years old:
  • IM: 5 to 10mg in 1mL to 2mL
  • IV: 2.50 to 5mg in 0.50mL to 1mL
≥ 70 years old or frail:
  • IM: 5mg in 1mL
  • IV: 2.50mg in 0.50mL
Glucagon for hypoglycaemia IM (1mg:1mL)
Glucose for hypoglycaemia IV (50g:500mL)
Initial dose:  in
Repeat dose:  in
Fentanyl IN (600mcg:2mL)
Loading dose:  in
Subsequent dose:  in
Fentanyl IV (100mcg:10mL)
< 70 years old: Loading dose  in
≥ 70 years old or frail: Loading dose  in
Subsequent dose:  in
Ketamine for analgesia IM (200mg:2mL)
Initial dose:  in
Repeat dose:  in
Ketamine for analgesia IV (200mg:20mL)
 to  in  to  in
Ketamine for Combative Traumatic Brain Injury IM (200mg:2mL)
Ketamine for Combative Traumatic Brain Injury IV (200mg:20mL)
Ketamine for Rapid Tranquilisation (RASS 4) IM (200mg:2mL)
Over 16 years only:  in
Ketamine for maintenance of Rapid Tranquilisation (RASS 4) IV (200mg:20mL)
Over 16 years only:  in
Midazolam for Seizures IM (15mg:3mL)
< 70 years old:  in
≥ 70 years old or frail:  in
Midazolam for Seizures IV (15mg:15mL)
< 70 years old:  to 5mg in  to 5mL
≥ 70 years old or frail:  in
Naloxone IM (400mcg:1mL)
 in  every 5-10mins to a maximum of 2mg
Naloxone IV (400mcg:10mL)
Up to  in
Naloxone  [Repeat] IV (400mcg:10mL)
Up to  in
Ondansetron IM (4mg:2mL)
Paracetamol Oral Suspension 2000mg:20mL
Saline for shock, DKA, HHS IV
 over 5-10mins
Saline for burns IV
TBSA 15-25% and >30min transit time: 1000mL over 1 hour
TBSA >25%: 1000mL stat, then 1000mL over 1 hour
TBSA >10% + 30mins:  over 1 hour
Saline for haemorrhage IV
 (4x repeat to a maximum of 1L)
Tranexamic Acid for risk of significant bleeding (/mL) IV
Fentanyl for Rapid Sequence Induction (/mL)
 in  to  in
Ketamine for Rapid Sequence Induction (/mL)
Rocuronium Bromide for induction (/mL)
Rocuronium Bromide initial dose post Suxamethonium (/mL)
Suxamethonium for intubation (/mL)
 to  in  in  in
Ketamine infusion for Sedation (/mL)
 to  ( to ) per hour.
Morphine (IV/IO) for sedation to maintain intubation (/mL)
 to  ( to
Commence at 5mg/hr, titrate to effect.
Rocuronium Bromide for maintenance (/mL)
 to  in  to , repeat PRN.
Rocuronium Bromide for infusion (/mL)
 () per hour.
General Medications
Amiodarone for Tachydysrhythmias– IV (/mL)
Calcium Gluconate for crush injury (/mL)
Cefazolin for fractures/prophylaxis (/mL)
Fentanyl infusion to maintain analgesia (/mL)
 to  per hour ( to )
Ketamine for IV/IO analgesia (/mL)
 to  in  to .
Subsequent dose  to  in  to  at >3min intervals Repeat at >3min intervals
Ketamine for Procedural Analgesia (/mL)
Subsequent dose  in after 2 min with repeat doses >1min intervals until adequate sedation is achieved.
Ketamine infusion for Analgesia (/mL)
 to  to
Morphine (IM) for analgesia (/mL)
 to  in  to
Morphine (IV/IO) for analgesia (/mL)
 to  in  to
Metaraminol for IV/IO (/mL)
Metaraminol for infusion (/mL)
 to  ( to ) per hour.
Sodium Bicarbonate for crush injury (/mL)

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