• To obtain a tympanic temperature reading in order to determine patient’s management.
Patient Factors & Considerations
  • Tympanic Thermometers will not operate without a probe in place. Use new probe for each ear.

Display messages:

  • POS: The infrared monitor can not find temperature equilibrium to allow measurement. Clear display by changing probe cover. Ensure the probe is positioned correctly
  • Err: Ambient temperature not within allowed operating range
  • 888: System error wait one minute until thermometer turns off automatically then start again. If error persists remove batteries and replace. If error continues contact Area Manager.
  • --- with Battery icon: Battery is low but thermometer will continue to operate for a short while.
  • Battery icon flashing: Batteries too low to accurately measure temperature.
  • All relevant infection control methods to be utilised.
  • Prepare equipment required:
    • Tympanic Thermometer
    • New probe cover
  • Explain the procedure to the patient.

  • Remove the thermometer from the case and attach a new probe cover, the device turns on automatically.
  • Wait for the ready beep and place the probe snugly into the ear canal.
  • Press and hold the start button, the green light will flash with correct probe placement.
  • A long beep and solid light indicates end of accurate measurement.
  • Eject the used probe cover, dispose of in normal waste.
  • If the device is placed incorrectly or was moved during recording of temperature, the device beeps and POS error is displayed.
  • Press the button below the display to recall the last temperature.
Tympanic temperature
  • Record temperature in patient care record.
  • If actively treating hypothermia or hyperthermia, record sequential tympanic temperatures to determine efficacy and treat accordingly.
Additional Information
  • Taking a Tympanic Temperature. (2014). Expert in My Pocket. http://expertinmypocket.com.au/tympanic-temperature/  


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