Management of IV infusions and instructions for Pumps and Administration Sets.

  • Plum A + Infuser.
  • Baxter Colleague Infuser.
  • Infusions that if ceased will cause a severe or life threatening change in patient condition. 
  • Lack of Special Medication Authority when infusion contains medication not covered in CPG.
Patient Factors & Considerations
  • Air occlusion in the administration set.
  • Multiple administration sets with piggybacked lines or multiple medications.
  • Lack of power supply available in ambulance.
  • It is the duty of the hospital to provide all the necessary equipment required to set up an infusion safely and correctly.
  • It is the responsibility of the crew to make sure they have adequate knowledge of the equipment prior to accepting care of a patient with ongoing infusion. 
  • Review the Pump Operating Manual if available in Workplace Instructions. 
  • Inspect the IV Pump to ensure its working order; Check for date of certification, power supply (including battery charge), pole clamp, working alarms and key pad operation.
  • Confirm; medication, expiration date, flow rate, & total administration against Special Medication Authority/ Notes.
  • Review the pump/ administration set and its operation with Nurse or Doctor handing over the patient.
  • Pre-arrange the return of IV Pump to Hospital.

  • Call CSPSOC to inform them of Special Medication Authority and obtain information on the medication being administered (if applicable).
  • Clamp IV Pump to Heavy IV Pole (20kg rated).
  • Check the infusion site for Infiltration/ Extravasation (If peripheral line).
  • Ensure no alarms on pump.
  • On accepting the patient, every 10 minutes & handover at the receiving facility record:
    • Flow/drip rate
    • Total volume infused
    • Volume remaining

Baxter Infuser

Medication - Infusion-Plum
Medication - Infusion-Plum-Line

Plum-A Infusion Pump

Medication - Infusion-Baxter
medication - infusion-baxter-line
  • Once the infusion is complete:
    • Follow any post infusion instruction identified by the referring doctor.
    • If no instructions given, clamp off proximal to pump and flush IV with 10ml normal saline.
    • Switch the pump off.
  • After a complete handover at the receiving facility, return the IV Pump via pre-arranged method. Contact the hospital so they can expect the return of the equipment.
  • If alarm goes off during transport:
    • Stop infusion, clamp off administration set manually, correct the alarm, and resume the infusion.
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