• To provide medication via a metered dose inhaler (MDI) and a Space Chamber™ / Lite Aire™ Spacer.
Patient Factors & Considerations
  • Patients co-operation and understanding in use of device
  • Lite Aire™ ONLY: No mask required as attachment
  • All relevant infection control methods to be utilised.
  • Prepare equipment required:
    • MDI
    • Resuscitation mask (if required)
    • Oxygen
    • Space Chamber™ OR Lite Aire™ Spacer
  • Remove the cap from the MDI, hold upright and shake well[1].

Lite AireTM Preparation:

  • Place your fingers in the middle of the Lite AireTM Spacer along the sides of the chamber where the finger prints are located.
  • Gently squeeze the device to make the Lite AireTM Spacer pop up fully. The side panels will snap into place[2].
  • Insert the MDI canister mouthpiece firmly into the Lite AireTM inhaler port[3].
  • Firmly grasp the Lite AireTM Spacer with your thumb and fingers on either side at the point where you feel the paperboard inner
  • wall. Gently squeeze the side panels to ensure the most effective treatment

Space ChamberTM ONLY:

  • Attach resuscitation mask if required; apply gently but firmly to the face to ensure a good seal around the mouse and nose[4].
  • Insert the MDI into the opening at the base of the Space Chamber™ / Lite Aire™ Spacer[5].

  • Place the Space Chamber™ OR Lite Aire™ Spacer into the patient’s mouth; ensure their lips are closed firmly around mouthpiece[6].
  • Instruct patient to deeply exhale.
  • Press once firmly on the MDI to discharge 1 puff into the spacer.
  • Instruct the patient to take 4 breaths in and out; inhale slowly and deeply, allowing for maximum inspiration of medication into lungs.
  • Repeat 1 puff at a time until 4 puffs have been taken.
  • After dose is administered apply oxygen as required

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  • Monitor patient closely and record observations:
    • Respiratory rate, effort and sounds
    • SpO2
  • If ineffective, consider switching to nebulised medication
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