• To quickly control bleeding restoring haemostasis in traumatic external wounds.
  • Initiate the coagulation cascade and clotting process by activating factor XII on contact with the inert mineral kaolin impregnated in the gauze.
  • Use for moderate to severe bleeding wounds as a second line agent after adequate haemorrhage control techniques have been exhausted.
  • Sucking chest wounds.
  • Eye or airway injury.
  • Wounds involving exposed organs (eg:bowel).
Patient Factors & Considerations
  • More than one QuikClot gauze may be required.
  • The potential for contact with bodily fluid is high during this procedure.
  • Haemostatic dressings are not to be used as a replacement for adequate haemorrhage control measures (eg: direct pressure, or tourniquet).
  • Haemostatic agent may be less effective if haemodilution secondary to fluid resuscitation has occurred.
  • Pelvic and abdominal wounds may be deep and difficult to ascertain vessel injured, may not respond to haemostatic agent if not in direct contact with vessel.


  • Appropriate PPE required.
  • Expose injury and identify source of bleeding.
    Explain procedure to the patient and provide adequate pain relief, secondary to immediate life-saving haemorrhage control.
  • Prepare both QuikClot gauze and pressure bandage.


  • Apply direct firm pressure on bleeding vessel if able whilst preparing QuikClot.
  • Pack the QuikClot gauze directly into the wound at the bleeding source (wound bed or vessel).
  • Once the wound is firmly packed apply consistent pressure for at least 3 minutes or until bleeding stops.
  • Reassess for further bleeding.
  • Once bleeding has ceased apply pressure bandage to maintain direct pressure.




  • Do not remove QuikClot gauze after packing wound if bleeding ceased.
Additional Information
  • If QuikClot gauze completely soaked through and still bleeding, remove completely and apply a fresh pack of QuikClot gauze, following the same steps.
  • Ensure receiving hospital aware that QuikClot gauze has been used, document time of application.
  • QuikClot gauze contains x-ray detectable strips.


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